Born on August 1, 1990 in France, Adrian Cissé start studying Jewellery in 2009 before continuing his education in product design. Graduating from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design (ESAD) of Reims, France in 2014, he holds a degree in jewellery design, as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree of Product and Furniture Design. Adrian Cissé’s approach to design is characterised by a concern for craftsmanship and "savoir-faire" inherited from his education. Adrian also has a passion for patterns and graphic objects ever since working with Les Ateliers d'Offard, a block-printing wallpaper manufacture. 

During his studies, he worked for five months with Sebastian Errazuriz in New York, where he contributed to the design research, following the development of numerous projects and exhibitions. Adrian Cissé has also participated in various workshops with designers such as Adrien Rovero, Marc Bretillot , Gaëlle Gabillet, Nestor Perkal as well as Florence Doléac. Adrian Cissé is currently based in Paris, working for several companies; creating objects and patterns, and interacting with architects, design studios and craftsmen.

Adrian Cissé is also working on a long-term research project on the reality of the flying carpet. This artistic practice started with an essay on "Why the flying carpet is a political object". He has since run numerous experiments with the goal of building a real flying carpet.
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