This is felindra, a fierce and bold wallpaper made for Mues Design (a french wallpaper company based in Paris). I was asked, by that company, to create some sort of jungle pattern for the new collection, that was my only constraint.
The inspiration for this pattern came from an odd place, let me set the situation :
We are in the center in France, the region is beautiful and very mountainous, in a small thermal town once very wealthy, sit an old abandoned bakery. All the decay cannot hide the place of wonders it used to be. An Art Deco building made to entertain guests complete with sweets, ballroom, balcony and brass band platform. There, hidden is the private apartment of the baker and his family, a seventies beat up wallpaper that inspired those palm trees, i then decide to add panthers to make it more wild.
The pattern was accepted without modification and help the company get noticed and praised by the specialized press.
Preliminary drawing
Test of the pattern's scale
Elements of the pattern
Colors tests
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