High in the sky, behind the mist of the cloud exists a celestial village. Is that the only remains of the infamous floating island of Laputa a forgotten dream, or is it just a mirage ?
This drawing is inspired by the work of Giotto, a fresco painter from the XIII century. Giotto was asked to paint the life of St Francis inside the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi (Italy). Twenty-eight murals were made, the tenth mural tells the story of St Francis freeing the city of Arezzo from the demons.

The way the artist draw the city in that mural, with this isometric quality in the perspective, touched me. I used vector technique to draw similar architecture and then I decide to make an homage to the mystic Laputa, but since the city is freed from the demons, I decided on a more serene version of the floating island.

I decide to make the drawing is available as wallpaper for phone and computer  

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