If you travel to the north of Paris you can find, in the ninth district, a quiet square called « place Saint Georges » At the number 28th you will find yourself facing the Saint Georges hotel. A Neo Gothic and Neo Renaissance building signed by the architect Renaud. Originally build for the marquise de la Païva in 1850, until she left it for a more flamboyant and extravagant hotel that she build on the Champs Elysées.
Before the construction of this square around 1750 the place was filled with small, modest house, vegetable garden and shacks.
Vector drawing of the whole facade of the building
Today the building host the UNAF, a French association born in 1945, whose goal is to represent and protect the interests of the French families in the political field. Her role is to advocate, to the government, for the interest of all the families that live in the country, regardless of their beliefs or political affiliation.
Today the association includes 70 family movements and 6500 family association that she coordinates with, at regional, departmental and national scale.

Detail of the architecture
In collaboration with mues design agency, we were asked to redo all the signage and identity of the association.
My part in this collaboration was to draw every illustration, every map, portraits, architecture drawing, details that would help to tell the story of the building and the association. My illustration will be used on signage to help navigate the place and on an interactive terminal.
Map of the building
Personality link to the building or the defense of the families throughout history
To assure a cohesive look inside the whole building I chose to draw everything in a minimalist vector line art.
Thank You
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